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Web Hosting


Q: What is web hosting?

Answer: Web hosting is kind of service that allows to make website live or accessible on internet. Some web host company like bigrock, godaddy and other provide space their server.

Q: Is it necessary for me to have a hosting to make my website online?

Answer: Yes, It is necessary to make site live so website can accessible over internet world wide.

Q: What is shared hosting and how much does it cost?

Answer: Shared hosting refers to some part of space on particular server will be provide to you and rest other space on that particular server will be available for other website. Shared hosting includes low cost rather than other form of web hosting service.

Q: What are the pros and cons of shared hosting?

Answer: Pros: Shared hosting involves low cost and maintenance charge.
Cons: Shared hosting effects resources utilization, traffic of one website affects other website performance.

Q: Is shared hosting good enough for my website?

Answer: Shared hosting is good for those website which are informative, develop for specific purpose and have average customer traffic. Another way of using shared hosting can be like at initial step can use shared hosting, when traffic increases and server load increase then switch to another kind of hosting.

Q: I’ve already purchased a hosting. Can you install my site on that hosting?

Answer: Of course, We are always ready for install your website on hosting server.

Q: What is VPS and how much does it cost?

Answer: VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to specific space on server that will be dedicated to particular website. Specific space will need basic requirement of RAM and ROM. In VPS server user will have full control or access and you can install any software or website files. In VPS hosting all resources dedicated to particular user. VPS provides complete privacy no one else will have potential to make any change. VPS involves more cost than shared hosting. At initial user can start with minimum configuration and when traffic will increase we can extend the configuration of server.

Q: What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

Answer: Some basic difference are shared hosting includes low cost and VPS takes more than shared hosting. Shared hosting involves low maintenance cost because it is shared by other hosting customers but VPS involves high maintenance cost because it is dedicated to particular customer. In Shared hosting resources will be affected by other users but In VPS all resources will be dedicated to particular user.

Q: Is VPS better than shared hosting?

Answer: If you have you have more visitors’ traffic and load of files then definitely you should owned VPS.

Q: What is dedicated server?

Answer: In dedicated server entire resources of server exclusive refers to particular client not shared with anyone else. Dedicated server offers high performance, security, email, stability and full control.

Q: What is SSD disk in dedicated or VPS servers?

Answer: SSD (Solid State Drive) servers are known for their better performance in terms of speed, store and access of data. SSD server provide same type of storage but can read and write data with much greater efficiency.

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