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Every project, large or small, goes through a process cycle

Our Workflow

easy and attractive workflow


To place an order with Zeengal, client needs to send us a request by simply filling online 'Order Form' to specify initial project requirement details in brief.


let’s meet up and get to know each other. From our early meetings and research, we'll establish communication protocols, milestones and timelines, deliverables and scope, roles and expectations.


After receiving order, our support team will analyze the requirement description of client carefully and if, we find out some missing points then our support team may get back to concerned person.

UI Design

We will work with you through an iterative process to create rough wireframes, or UX sketches, for key views.


Now it’s time to get down to business and build HTML/CSS/JavaScript themes: functional, browser-tested, HTML pages ready for testing. We’ll make sure all content is governed by CSS and meets W3C standards.


It is important to understand that the design will be appropriate for each device, but may be slightly different due to device specs and experience. It’s about creating a coherent experience across all devices.

U.A. Testing

You’ll need time to come to terms with how your content fits into the design and workflow, and make any adjustments and edits you need.


so close! Next up, our team will create a launch plan to archive the current website (if needed) and release the new website to the public, as well as a quality checklist to ensure that all project requirements are met.

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